My name is Pascal Lee. I am a planetary scientist with two non-profit space research organizations, the Mars Institute and the SETI Institute. Welcome to my personal website. I post some of my drawings and paintings here. You will also find information about my children's book, MISSION: MARS, and about PASSAGE TO MARS, the award-winning documentary film on our NORTHWEST PASSAGE DRIVE EXPEDITION across the Arctic. To leave comments, go to Guest Book. To contact me, go to Contact. Thank you for visiting.



A Mars Astronaut returns to base by ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) at the end of a long day of gritty fieldwork. Name tag left blank. Who will he or she be?... (Oil on board, 11 x 14 inches, 2020)




When I visit schools, I always bring a few copies of MISSION: MARS to give away, and now also prints of MARS ASTRONAUT to write the names of school kids on the blank name tag. It encourages them to love STEM fields, to believe in themselves, and to follow their dreams. Plus they tell me it's so cool and fun! To help me bring more books and prints to schools in underserved communities, please Contact me.