I am a space scientist who also loves to draw and paint. My artwork is about space and time, and our tiny yet hopeful place in their vastness.


I draw and paint about Mars exploration, our next giant leap in space, but also about journeys to worlds beyond and through time. Advancements in science and technology have given us humans a new cosmic perspective, insights about our past and prospects for our future, which most generations before us never had. Not only are we not at the center of the Universe, the latter seems simply indifferent to us, and it's a wonder if we have any meaning, purpose, or destiny at all. We seem to be the mere happenstance byproduct of largely random processes. Yet we aspire, we dream, we love, we make plans, we undertake, we persevere, we wonder.


My artwork is an attempt to explore whence we came, what we've survived, and where we might go from here. When I do art, I’m in a spacetime machine, riding a bright orange photon through the darkness and the void. My artwork is my travel log.


Pascal Lee




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ORIGINALS: Saatchiart + Etsy. Sometimes also eBay.
PRINTS: Novaspace