How To Order Signed Copies

Amazingly to me, I've been getting some email requests for autographed copies of  MISSION: MARS! My wonderful neighborhood children's bookstore, Bookasaurus, has kindly agreed to help me handle these requests. Here's how to go about them:



     Bookasaurus Children's Bookstore, Sunnyvale, CA, USA. Tel: +1 408 733-1305.

     Ask to speak to Leigh Odum (Owner) or Debbie Cohen Smith (Manager).


2) Place Your Order of Signed or Inscribed Copies of MISSION: MARS

     A Signed copy will have just my signature.

     An inscribed copy will have the name(s) of the persons or group the book will

     go to, plus a few "choice" words. Special requests for these are welcome, too.


3) Wait (A Bit)

     Your ordered books should be in the mail within a few days. For orders placed

     in July or August, it could take a few weeks, as I might be off to the Arctic with

     my dog Ping Pong on our annual field trip to Devon Island.


I hope you enjoy the book. Thank you for your support!


You can find more information about BOOKASAURUS at the link below:


Bookasaurus Children's Bookstore